Each year, on May 1st, thousands of guitarists from all over the world come to Wroclaw’s Market Square to set a new Guitar World Record playing together. Join the biggest guitar orchestra in the world! Play with us on the 1st of May!

The annual guitar festival is most of all an occasion for collective play, meetings and exchange of experience, and during this event, an attempt to break the Guinness record is made.

It was Leszek Cichonski’s idea to try to break the Guitar Guinness Record when in 1997 he found himself on stage with 17 other guitarists playing “Hey Joe” during the “Blues Express” workshop. The idea for such an undertaking had been developing for several years, until it was finally accepted as worthwhile. It originated in the desire to make something very big and it was the first and most important step to finally breaking the world record!

On 10th of May 2003, “Hey Joe” was played by 588 guitarists in unison! Each year the numbers were successively rising: the year 2004 – 916 guitarists, in 2005 we crossed the magic one thousand barrier with quite a frank margin. Exactly 1201 guitarists played at that time. Later was more and more…

In 2019, the year before pandemic, is was 7 423 guitarists playing together in Wroclaw!

In 2020, the Guitar Record was held entirely online. As many as 7,998 guitarists from all over the world gathered to play “Hey Joe” from their homes, gardens and balconies. The participants submitted over 5,000 photos and videos, and the concert broadcast attracted a total of over 110 thousand viewers, from Poland to Spain,  UK and the United States.. – music has no borders!

This year the 20th edition of one of the greatest guitar music festivals will take place on May 1st. at the Wrocław Market Square.

We have a chance to beat the Guitar World Record again! That is a thrilling challenge.

We need 7 423 guitars (or ukuleles) and… you!

Wrocław guitar meeting is also a great occasion to participate in the Concert of the Stars with real guitar legends like Deep Purple, Al Di Meola, Ten Years After, Tommy Emmanuel, Europe, The Animals, Steve Vai, Slade, Status Quo and Polish stars like Perfect, Dżem, TSA or Acid Drinkers and many more

More information soon. Stay tuned!



This year we will try to play collectively 9 songs:

Hey Joe,
Foxy Lady,
Voodoo Child,
Smoke on the water,
Little Wing,
Wild Thing,
Red House Blues
Thanks Jimi,
Kiedy byłem małym chłopcem (When I was a little boy)

The additional song this year will be the composition by  Bob Dylan Like A Rolling Stone, which was performed many times by Jimi Hendrix. It will be performed with us by Muniek Staszczyk ! Of course the mandatory song to be checked for the Guinness Record still remains Hey Joe.

If you play just a little on the electric or acoustic guitar, learn the five simple chords of Hey Joe, which we give below, come with your instrument on May 1st to the Wroclaw Town Square. Play the hits by Hendrix along with the biggest guitar orchestra in the world under the direction of Leszek Cichoński.


„Hey Joe” – record song

For the ones that do not know the chords we give the grips in the song:

4/4 ||: C G | D A | E | E |


Foxy Lady

II: F#m I A I H :II a w refrenie II: F#m I E I H :II

Video clip for the track ‘Foxy Lady’ from the album ‘Thanks Jimi – Tribute To Jimi Hendrix’ by Leszek Cichonski & Guitar Workshop featuring Stan Skibby and Anika.


 Voodoo Child

We performed  this song arranged by Leszek Cichoński for the first time together  in 2010. There is no registered version from the Guitar Record but you can play along those chords with the recording of Voodoo Child from the club concert of Cichoński band.


||: E DA | E DA | E DA | E DA II


||: E DA | E DA | E DA | E DA |

| E DA | E DA | E DA | E DA |

| G | A | E DA | E DA |


| C7 | D7 | E DA | E DA :||


 „Smoke on the water”

In 2009 “Smoke on the water” was played along with Steve Morse from Deep Purple.

In the song “Smoke on the water” we can use the chords of the “power chords” type , the same as in the diagrams: G http://www.cichonski.art.pl/guinness2/images/powerG.htm



Little Wing

4/4 II: Em I G I Am I Em7 I Hm B I Am C I G F I C D I D II 2/4 D :II

(Do not be afraid of I 2/4 D :II  at the end – that is a tact “two fourths” – that is how Jimi made it and this  is the version we will try to keep)


 Wild Thing

Wild Thing is one of the most  rock songs of the songs played at  the Town Square. Take a look at the version from 2010 sung by Maciek Balcar:

4/4 ||: A D | E D | A D | E D || A D | E D | A D | E D | A D | E D | A D | E G A G ||

A | (A) G A G | A | (A) G A G | A | (A) G A G | A | (A) :||


Thanks Jimmi

This is a composition by Leszek Cichoński dedicated to Jimi Hendrix.

You can find the compilation of that song in our download section.

Acoustic guitars come in right from the start that is right after the stab, and the electric guitars at the chorus meaning the stronger – louder part. We play the ending solo  quint.


 „Kiedy byłem małym chłopcem (When I was a little boy)”

The father of Polish Blues – Tadeusz Nalepa passed away  in 2007. Since  May 1st 2007 we  have been playing  his hit “Kiedy byłem małym chłopcem (When I was a little boy)”.

||: Am | Am | Am | Am | D7 | D7 | Am | Am | E7 | D7 | Am | Am :||

this is a traditional 12-tact blues form, which you came to know in the „Speedy Blues Course”.