Lista uczestników Gitarowego Rekordu Świata 2023 już dostępna!

Oficjalna lista uczestników Gitarowego Rekordu Świata, którzy zagrali 1 maja 2023 w Największej Gitarowej Orkiestrze Świata: lista uczestników 2023 (pdf) Sprawdź czy jesteś na liście i czy Twoje dane…

Do zobaczenia za rok we Wrocławiu!

Dziękujemy wszystkim gitarzystom, którzy wczoraj na wrocławskim Rynku ustanowili nowy Gitarowy Rekord Świata. Dziękujemy widzom – turystom i wrocławianom – za intensywny doping rekordzistów. Dziękujemy artystom, ekipom technicznym…

„Hey Joe” na 7967 gitar! Mamy nowy Gitarowy Rekord Świata we Wrocławiu

Wrocław miastem gitary! Mamy nowy Gitarowy Rekord Świata – legendarne „Hey Joe” Jimiego Hendrixa zagrało razem 7967 gitarzystów i gitarzystek zgromadzonych na wrocławskim Rynku. Rekord pomagali bić w…

Ramowy program imprez w ramach Gitarowego Rekordu Świata 2023

Zapraszamy do zapoznania się programem imprez jakie przygotowaliśmy z okazji 21. edycji  Gitarowego Rekordu Świata we Wrocławiu. W tym roku zaczynamy gitarowe granie już 30 kwietnia w ramach…

Rejestracja uczestników Gitarowego Rekordu Świata 2023!

Zapraszamy gitarzystów do rejestracji online swojego udziału pod linkiem: https://zgloszenia24.pl/f/gitarowy-rekord-swiata-2023 Wcześniejsza rejestracja uprości procedurę zapisów na miejscu we Wrocławiu. Przypominamy, że każdy uczestnik musi potwierdzić swój udział w biciu…


Taki pamiątkowy Certyfikat Rekordzisty otrzyma każdy gitarzysta biorący udział w biciu Gitarowego Rekordu Świata 2023 podczas rejestracji uczestników 1 maja we Wrocławiu. Zapraszamy gitarzystów do wcześniejszej rejestracji  online…

Wyślij pocztówkę z zaproszeniem na przyszłoroczny Gitarowy Rekord Świata we Wrocławiu!

Nie wiemy jeszcze ilu nas będzie 1 maja grało razem we Wrocławiu, nie wiemy czy uda nam się pobić nasz zeszłoroczny rekord 7676 grających razem gitar, ale wiemy…

Gitarowy Rekord Świata!
A.D. 2024

Zagraj z nami

GUITAR WORLD RECORD 2024 – Play with us!

On May 1, 2024, we will meet at the Wrocław Market Square to make another attempt to set a new Guitar World Record.

After over 20 years of playing together, the Wrocław event has become a great music festival presenting various faces of the guitar, as well as an attraction attracting thousands of guitarists and tourists from all over the world to Wrocław.

Today we invite you to participate in this May 1st guitar celebration and jointly create the Largest Guitar Orchestra in the World.

To set a new Guitar World Record we need 7967 guitars and you – join the event, invite your friends: https://www.facebook.com/events/795143475101191

On May 1, the market square and the surrounding area will turn into a guitar town with several stages presenting different faces of the guitar – from electric guitar through fingerstyle and flamenco to classical guitar and ukulele, numerous guitar workshops with the possibility of meetings and talks about the guitar, presentation of guitar amplifiers and master guitar shows, a place for meetings with stars, autographs and group photos, and a children’s zone.

There will be stops by bards and street musicians, presentations on how to construct a guitar in a short time and an exhibition of portraits of guitar legends. There will also be traditional guitar competitions with „anything” and the best guitar disguise, you will also be able to perform on a special stage „Your 5 minutes of fame”.

In the „green guitar zone” you will be able to generate electricity yourself to power your guitar and play! In the „guitar fashion” zone, we will take photos of you and show them on the large screen in the Wrocław Market Square and to the whole world online.

It’s worth being with us on May 1, right at the beginning of the event!

Registration of participants in the World Guitar Record will begin on May 1 at 10:00 a.m. at the registration point on the southern frontage of the Wrocław Market Square, near the Aleksander Fredro monument. The point will be marked and information arrows will point to it.

During registration, you must bring an instrument (guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin or other stringed instrument) and be able to play „Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix (5 CGDAE chords). Toy instruments or imitation instruments will not be accepted for registration.

Upon registration, you will receive a participant ID in the form of a wristband, which entitles you to enter the event area and an official commemorative Certificate of Record Holder 2024.

You will also be able to buy t-shirts and other festival gadgets as well as discounted tickets for the concerts of the 3-Majówka 2024 festival, which has been accompanying the beating of the Guitar World Record for years.

At the beginning of April 2024, online registration of participants of the World Guitar Record 2024 will be launched.
Early registration will simplify the registration procedure on-site in Wrocław. We would like to remind you that each participant must confirm his/her participation in breaking the Guitar World Record in person at the designated registration points.

To play the Guitar World Record, all you need is a guitar and know the five basic chords: C/G/D/A/E, needed to play the song „Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix. You don’t have to be an adult. All types of guitars count towards the record – acoustic, classical, electric and bass. Mandolins, banjos and ukulele are also allowed.
There will be a special section for electric guitarists with the possibility of connecting to electricity – it is advisable to take an extension cord with a splitter.
Concerts of invited guests and playing together start at 10. We will play on several stages and every guitar lover will find something interesting for himself.

As always, the „record” song is Jimi Hendrix’s Hey Joe, but we will also play other guitar hits together. Instructions for learning the songs that we will play together on May 1th can be found at: www.leszekcichonski.pl/rozgrzewka

Registration of participants ends at approximately 15.45, then there is a general rehearsal of the joint performance of „Hey Joe”. Don’t wait until the last minute to register!

Punctually at 4.00 p.m. we will start the OFFICIAL ATTEMPT to set a new GUITAR WORLD RECORD AD 2024! Approx. At 4:15 p.m. this year’s official result will be announced, we will play a joint encore and the event on the Market Square will end.
Lovers of good music are invited to further concerts of Polish and foreign stars as part of the 3-MAJÓWKA 2024 festival.

A detailed program will soon be available on the festival website: www.3-majowka.pl.

Reduced tickets and passes are provided for guitarists who will break the record

The reduced ticket for the 3-Majówka festival will be valid only with the wristband of the Guitar World Record 2024 participant, which you will receive on May 1, 2024 at 10.00 – 16.00 at the guitarists’ registration point on the Wrocław Market Square.

Shortly after breaking the World Guitar Record, special public transport will run between the Wrocław Market Square, the Pergola and the Centennial Hall, where the 3-Majówka festival takes place. Trams will leave from the stop at the underground passage to ul. Świdnicka every 5 minutes from 16.30

There will be a storage room for guitars and amplifiers in the Centennial Hall, open on May 1 during the concert hours of the 3-Majówka festival.

The Festival Campground at ul. awaits guitarists from outside Wrocław. Wróblewskiego 9, about 400 meters from the Centennial Hall and Pergola.

On May 1 , there will be a webcast on our website www.heyjoe.pl – join us in playing together online, and tell your friends in Poland and abroad to watch the guitar festival live in Wrocław.

See you in Wrocław – the City of Guitar!

If you forget something, don’t worry – our volunteers will help you with everything🙂

Follow our online channels:
FB: @GitarowyRekord
IG: @gitarowy_rekord_guinnessa

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We play a few songs every year. Of course, Hey Joe remains the obligatory song to achieve the Guinness Record. Instructions for learning new songs that we will play on May 1 will be published on the website:  www.leszekcichonski.pl/rozgrzewka .

Hey Joe

Hendrix’s original version on YouTube

„HEY JOE” – energetic version from GRG 2008

For those who don’t know the chords, here’s the order of the chords:
4/4 ||: CG | DA | E | E :||

Chord Diagrams:

Tutorial on YouTube

Foxy Lady

Foxy Lady – tutorial on YouTube

„FOXY LADY” – GRG 2009 ; before a Deep Purple show; Stan Skibby sings

In the verse and bridge we play: II: F#m IAIH :II and in the chorus II: F#m IEIH :II.

Voodoo Child

„VOODOO CHILD” – GRG 2014 ; we suggest what chords to play

|| E DA | E DA | E DA | E DA ||

||: EDA| EDA | EDA | EDA |
| EDA | EDA | E DA | E DA |
| G | A| E DA | E DA |

| C7 | D7 | EDA | EDA :||

Tutorial on YouTube

Thanks Jimi

This is Leszek Cichoński’s composition dedicated to Jimi Hendrix.

„THANKS JIMI” – GRG 2019 with Jennifer Batten, Sebastian Riedel and Łukasz Łyczkowski

Listen to the version sung by Sebastian Riedel – you can play with this recording 🙂

|| D | CG | D | CG | D | CG | D.C. | G || D | CG | D | CG | D | CG | D.C. | G| D.C. | GF | D | (D) ||

|| D | CG | D | CG | D | CG | D.C. | G | D.C. | GF | D | (D) ||

||: DD CD F | FG F | FG | D:||
count: 1 | 2 and 3 and 4 and | 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & | 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & | 1&2&3&4&

Acoustic guitars come in from the beginning, i.e. right after the beat, and electric guitars come in at the chorus, i.e. the stronger/louder part. We play the ending solo in fifths.

Instruction on YouTube

Smoke on the water

Original version available to listen

„SMOKE ON THE WATER” – memorable GRG 2009 ; listen to the intro by Steve Morse, the guitarist of Deep Purple, who played with us back then


|| Am | C | D | Am | Am | C | D | Am | Am | C | D | Am | C | D | Am | D | F | Am | C | Am | D | F ||

Little Wing

„LITTLE WING” – GRG 2018 ; LeBurn Maddox sings

4/4 ||: Em | G | A| Em7 | Hmm B | Am C | GF | CD | D || 2/4 D :||

Don’t let this scare you I 2/4 D :|| at the end – it’s a measure for „two quarters” – that’s how Jimi came up with it and we’ll stick to this version 😉

Tutorial on YouTube

Wild Thing

„WILD THING” – GRG 2018 ; LeBurn Maddox sings

4/4 ||: A.D. | ED | AD | ED || AD | ED | AD | ED | AD | ED | AD | EGAG ||

A| (A)GAG | A| (A)GAG | A| (A)GAG | A| (A):||

Instruction on YouTube

Red House Blues

To play this song well – you need to complete the Accelerated Blues Course:

The harmony of the blues is based on the three chords of the harmonic triad, i.e. the Tonic, Subdominant and Dominant.

In the case of the blues in the key of A, the chord changes in individual bars of the chorus are as follows:

4/4 II: A7 I D7 I A7 I A7 I D7 I D7 I A7 I A7 I E7 I D7 I A7 I E7 :II

A frequently encountered method of guitar accompaniment in blues and rock music is the so-called „fifth” backing. See how to play such an accompaniment in the case of rhythm, i.e. even (eighth note) and triple division.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouEMYa_6qq4 *

The correct technique of playing with the right hand is very important

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHyLqroWCmI *

Now let’s play the entire chorus (or verse) of the blues in the key of A.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Idos8rJD89w *

In Hendrix’s song Red House Bues – the chords change identically.

However, this piece is played at a slower tempo and in the key of C, i.e. in fifths in position VIII (the sound of C at the 8th fret of the E string) or in position III (the sound of C at the 3rd fret of the A string).

The rhythm section and guitars enter on the 5th measure on F7. The next chorus is played by everyone from the beginning, i.e. from C7, e.g. in the 8th position – we change the chords in the same way as in the blues chorus in the key of A shown earlier… except that, of course, we play in C, not A 🙂 .

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxcdd1K-e98 *

* Video fragments come from Leszek Cichoński’s multimedia school GUITAR ABC.

When I was a little boy

The father of Polish blues – Tadeusz Nalepa died in 2007. From May 1, 2007 we play his hit „When I was a little boy”.

„WHEN I WAS A LITTLE BOY” – GRG 2018; sings Paweł „Drak” Grzegorczyk

||: Am| am | am | am | D7 | D7 | am | am | E7 | D7 | am | Am :||

This is a traditional 12-bar blues form, which you have already learned in the „Crash Blues Course”

Tutorial on YouTube

Naive Questions

„NAIVE QUESTIONS”, or „Only moments are beautiful in life” – GRG 2019;  sings Sebastian Riedel


How to play:
Instruction on YouTube

There is such a lonely house

„There is such a lonely house” – song by Budka Suflera, with which we will say goodbye to Romuald Lipka; Bart Sosnowski will sing with us online

When it comes to chords, there are two parts to this song:

1. II: Gm FI Cm D :II – we play the same thing, i.e. four chords: at the introduction, in verses and parts where only guitars play, up to four bars of D major II: DID :II – which precede the chorus:
2 . II: Gm F Gm IF Cm :II – we play until the end of the song
How to play:

Potrzebujemy 7967 gitar
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